Brief Instructions for Evaluating WinForecast

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Open a new forecast from in the programme. Name the forecast, then select the relevant dates for the start of the financial year and how many years the forecast covers.

Once the forecast has opened then go to Options and go down the list, as far as Parameter Defaults, setting up the relevant parameters.

You are now ready to setup records. Click on the Sales title and then click New Record. Then set the record Properties eg: Type. You can name the record at any time. (When you purchase the software I can show you how to import a records list.)

Go down creating the records you want under the relevant Section headings. You can use subheadings by making the Subheading record then a record under that. Then while on that new record click Sub Item. This will then change the 1 above to be the subheading.

Once you have entered your chart of records you then go back to the first and click Enter Data and a new screen will appear where you can enter data in many different ways. Explore using a Costs record and look at the selection under Costs. Such things as Hotlinking, As % of Sales, Use Sales Units. You may have to make alterations to Sales Records to make some of them work.

Make 1 of your costs a Wages Type and see how the data is dealt with in that record. There are other features such as using Multi-currencies, Adding Departments, Depreciation, Loans, consolidating several Forecasts, Input Opening Balance Sheet and Prior P&L, and Entering Actuals to see how they relate to your Forecast, to name a few, these I can demonstrate personally at a later time.

Finally you want to see results. So click on the coloured icons above the words Record Name and see Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Funds Flow. When these reports open you can drill back to the data impute screen simply by double clicking on the numbers you want to review.

Once you have a forecast how you want it, you can use it as a template for other forecasts.